Thread subject: - The Free Online Jippii Bomberman Multiplayer :: Bomberworld's Status

Posted by Costa on 11-04-2017 15:35

We're sharing all Bomberworld's fixes in this post:

Bomberworld October 2017

Bomberworld September 2017

Bomberworld August 2017

Bomberworld July 2017

12/07/2017 Server reset 23.00 (CEST): Register button added next to the mute button (guests only)

02/07/2017 Server reset 16:45 (CEST): Jippii Bomberman startscreen added + Guest*Name

Bomberworld June 2017

09/06/2017 Server reset 03.15 (CEST): Guests are now assigned a random number in-game (EG. Guest*2017)

21/06/2017 Server reset 19.00 (CEST): Reduced the max speed a little

21/06/2017 Server reset 19.00 (CEST): Made the bomb image bigger in-game

21/06/2017 Server reset 19.15 (CEST): Reduced the max speed a little

21/06/2017 Server reset 19.15 (CEST): EXTINCTION TIME added to bomb

21/06/2017 Server reset 19.30 (CEST): EXPLOSION_TIME reduced it a little (tested with skills)

Bomberworld May 2017

01/05/2017 Server reset 00.45 (CEST): Color advantage fix

01/05/2017 Server reset 00.45 (CEST): Spawn order fix

05/05/2017 Server reset 23.00 (CEST): Added little bit more max speed

05/05/2017 Server reset 23.00 (CEST): Walk in fire fix

05/05/2017 Server reset 23.00 (CEST): Color advantage fix (Might stuck on bomb, we are fixing it now)

05/05/2017 Server reset 23.00 (CEST): Always spawn at new round fix

09/05/2017 Server reset 00.00 (CEST): Score fix

09/05/2017 Server reset 17.00 (CEST): Walk in fire fix 60% reduced

09/05/2017 Server reset 17.00 (CEST): Stuck on bomb fix (color advantage)

12/05/2017 Server reset 17.00 (CEST) Clantags or symbols are now allowed in your bomberman nickname (edit profile page - If you've set your name allready, PM me and I'll add the tags)

Bomberworld April 2017

11/04/2017 Server reset 16:30 (CEST): In-game property fix

12/04/2017 Server reset 12.00 (CEST): Godmode fix

12/04/2017 Server reset 19.25 (CEST): Enter nickname fix

13/04/2017 Server reset 18.30 (CEST): Edgy Movement fix

14/04/2017 Server reset 16.45 (CEST): Can always make new map fix

14/04/2017 Server reset 19.00 (CEST): Filled the empty gaps when the bomberman field refreshes

15/04/2017 Server reset 17.15 (CEST): opposite direction walk fix when you hold one key and tap the key on the other side

16/04/2017 Server reset 20.00 (CEST): Base speed increased

26/04/2017 Server reset 18.15 (CEST): Spawn order fix

26/04/2017 Server reset 21.55 (CEST): Red color score when negative points fix

27/04/2017 Server reset 15.00 (CEST): Kami is working now

27/04/2017 Server reset 15.00 (CEST): Holding spacebar will spray bombs

28/04/2017 Server reset 23.45 (CEST): New client design & interface

28/04/2017 Server reset 23.45 (CEST): Login bridge fix: Play as guest or as member (set your bomberman nickname on your "edit profile" page)

29/04/2017 Server reset 18.30 (CEST): Mute button added

29/04/2017 Server reset 18.30 (CEST): Multi nickname when press enter fix

29/04/2017 Server reset 18.30 (CEST): Register Button added in client

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