Thread subject: - The Free Online Jippii Bomberman Multiplayer :: Most annoying players?

Posted by Svekke on 21-12-2017 08:10

Who do you find the most annoying player(s) in the new bomberman rooms?

People who always assult people, people who only kills themselves on purpose, people who rejoining the rooms untill they can kill you with their shields, ...

My top 3:
1) Hoerson
2) Suomi
3) Lysr (or something)

Posted by Costa on 23-12-2017 11:36

Lysr = Lypsop? Grin

Posted by SunTriXx on 23-12-2017 18:19

Suomi is for me the most annoying player, always AFK, killing himself, no fun with him

Posted by ath on 24-12-2017 12:51

1. donk
2. vladimir
3. tee
4. camilla

Posted by Draw on 14-02-2018 15:34

I don't know the most players who are called here except Suomi.(just found this game around 3 weeks ago, didnt play for like 10yrs i think) And yea he is really the most annoying player nowadays..He is so often online but he just kills himself.Don't understand how this could make such fun...