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We recommend using Google Chrome when playing bomberworld!
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Welcome Guest!

Bomberworld - there's classic multiplayer hope!

Hi there!

We're looking for some ways to get some monney for bomberworld.
The game needs security fixes and a few bugs needs to be removed before we can promote the game!
We're excited to improve the game!

We're thinking about ways to allow the community to invest in the game and what the desires are for bomberworld!

Stay tuned!

BETA Bomberman Room

Bomberman VIP Room added for our BETA testers

Bomberworld BETA testers are now VIP members

We have changed the planning for our BETA Testers as they have been contributing alot to our community in the begin stage of Bomberworld!

The public servers will remain as the core servers of bomberworld, the VIP servers will only be used for testing purposes. The core server will always be our highest priority! This is the perfect server to matchup against real bomberworld players who also got the rank. When our player count increases, then we will create multiple public servers.

Some notes:

- The room can only be entered by signing in to your personal VIP account.
- You can play as member in the VIP server by entering your bomber login details.
- Server is located in Europe.
- The VIP server should be online if the public server is down for maintenance.
- VIP Can't be bought it can only be earned by contributing to our community.
- VIP Members will have a special rank in the user info section on our forums.
- Server will have personal developement in the future.

Everyone can WIN Bomberman VIP FREE: Read this topic

Bomberworld behind the scenes April

Behind the scenes April:


April was a sweating and wailing month. We've removed all our major bugs and updated the design of our landing page.

All Bomberworld fixes in April:

11/04/2017 : In-game property fix

12/04/2017 : Godmode fix

12/04/2017 : Enter nickname fix

13/04/2017 : Edgy Movement fix

14/04/2017 : Can always make new map fix

14/04/2017 : Filled the empty gaps when the bomberman field refreshes

15/04/2017 : opposite direction walk fix when you hold one key and tap the key on the other side

16/04/2017 : Base speed increased

26/04/2017 : Spawn order fix

26/04/2017 : Red color score when negative points fix

27/04/2017 : Kami is working now

27/04/2017 : Holding spacebar will spray bombs

28/04/2017 : New client design & interface

28/04/2017 : Login bridge fix: Play as guest or as member (set your bomberman nickname on your "edit profile" page). *You can enter/set your nickname only one time. You can't edit it after*

29/04/2017 : Mute button added

29/04/2017 : Multi nickname when press enter fix

29/04/2017 : Register Button added in client

Recreating Bomberworld - Rewriting game from scratch.

Hello Bombers!

We have to rewrite the game to get the game as smooth as Jippii Bomberman was back in the days. The developers will start the bomberworld rewrite proces right now!

Developer reply: "The current code is not written in a proper way, hence we're planning on writing the have from scratch, So instead of wasting time in fixing these bugs, we might start writing the code from scratch soon enough. I'm waiting for Ninja's reply on that"

Thanks community for all your suggestions, feedback and bug reports!

Costa ~ Bomberworld Community

Giving away a Nintento NES!

Give away "Nintento NES" is over and was won by Borre

Hello bombers! Free NES Classic Mini GIVEAWAY: Like Bomberworld Online Multiplayer, share this post & maybe you'll win this Nintendo Classic or gain BETA access to our game by tagging your friends in the comments of this facebook post!



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