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Win Bomberworld VIP for FREE!
For everyone who wants to gain VIP access (read more here:http://bomberworl...readmore=4),
Sign up and you may win the VIP rank completely free!

Post your Personal & Bomberman details in this topic:

Real Life name:
Bomberman Name:
Ex names:
Ex clans:

Motivation (why would we give this rank to you?):

  • The event will end on 28/05/2017 00.00 CEST
Captain Teemo
Real Life name: Joeri
Country: Belgium
Bomberman Name: Teemo
Ex names: PsycHo
Ex clans: .Terror-Squad'

Motivation (why would we give this rank to you?):

I love this jippii remake and want to stay informed about the bomberman fixes!!!
Also I met some people from back in time (Sweety (QT)) and she was in the same clan like me! I think Omega is right about the seperation but if this could help the game in any possible way then i support this!

Joeri Smile
Real Life name: Craig
Country: UK
Bomberman Name: 4c3tt
Ex names: none
Ex clans: =eagle clan=

Motivation (why would we give this rank to you?):
I used to play in the early years of bomberman jippii.
I can accommodate these rooms for one vs one duels. On public servers you always have new round creators and if I get a chance for this rank, I can always play a game without thinking that anyone will make new round. The disadvantage is that not everyone has access. Very nice done by the way.
Real Life name: je4n
Country: Belgium
Bomberman Name: je4n
Ex names: je4n
Ex clans: every clan cause I was clanhopper

Motivation (why would we give this rank to you?): because je4n
Real Life name: Niek
Country: Netherlands
Bomberman Name: Sphinx
Ex names: Im known as Sphinx. other names i can't even remember. only GB*Guy - FK+D@rK
Ex clans: GB*(Gangstahbombers), CB* (Cyber Bombers), FK+ (leader future killers) :Reality-Bombers:, T7- ( leader for a time ), _jP, _PS ( leader )

Motivation (why would we give this rank to you?): Loyal bomberman player. still love the community and people. Madly skilled. going way way back. with clans that had over 100 members. ( D*, GB* ) insane.
Real Life name:Sindre
Bomberman Name:Gz0n3
Ex names:cant remember all undercover names =P
Ex clansSad?),.:,<-<,t7,==,+100 clanhoppzforlife, cant remember all Grin

Motivation (why would we give this rank to you?): ive been around since forever, know almost all of the oldies, already told many of the dads to come back and enjoy this once and a while. got alot of sparetime to help! and im the best player ingame AS of today! Wink
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